• I love it when things have a story and these pendants really tick that box.

    These coin pendants are by the lovely Julie Roberts of Collect Jewellery – designed as an antidote to ‘flash’ jewellery, these antique coins are from all over the world – the pendant reminds me of a charm bracelet my Mom gave me which must have 30 coins from all over the world in it. The fabulous packaging is by Annelle from Seven Swans – such a talent too.

    The other pendants are a new purchase i made. They’re by Natasha Wood whose work i spotted at the Bluebird Garage Market – i already had a few pieces of porcelain that i had unearthed in our garden when we were building so i asked her to make them into what she thought they could be. I couldn’t be happier, love them and love that they are a little piece of nothing made into something so special and that they’re intrinsically connected to my life.

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    1. Jasmine on

      I love the coin pendent! So cute!

    2. Kim on

      I adore the Natasha Wood pendant of yours. Still haven’t been to Bluebird… Those Collect coins are also lovely. x

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