• Since the whole of last year was spent renovating, i barely ventured into any stores looking for clothes but this year (as i’ve mentioned before) is another story and i developed a small wardrobe-filling fixation. Lately i’ve been drawn to lots of navy blue, which i’m loving.

    pix, clockwise from above left: bridesmaids, crisp blue suit with boutounnierre, navy nails, coat with contrasting piping

    i’d LOVE a coat like this one and am definitely going to be on the look out for some suitably navy nail polish. I’ve also been seeing lots more navy blue in interiors…

    I popped into my friend Suzie’s house last week and she’s painted the wall of her entrance hall navy blue…it looks fabulous don’t you think?

    i love the contrast of the bright white skirting against the blue wall and the red poster too

    these other images of blue hued interiors are inspiring me

    pic from here

    pic from this tumblr

    such a clever idea to take a series of bandanas and turn them into a wall feature, pic from this blog

    So far i’ve only done the navy blue thing with certain fabrics, i’d love to paint a wall or maybe a piece of furniture?

  • 15 Comments to “Navy Blue”

    1. Roxy on

      LOVE IT! There is something so classy about navy blue…

    2. Rose on

      OMG – u have just hit another of my weak spots. Luv the images, as much as I love the colour. It is makes the most awesome back-drop colour and does so much for the other colours around it. Timeless beauty.

    3. Suz on

      Can’t believe my entrance hall has been I Want That’d… instant head rush… darlings I’ve arrived!

    4. Janine Binneman on

      i love that! Suz – can I have your autograph now?

    5. Li on

      that bandana wall is the business! … I”m also pale enough right now to pull off the blue nail varnish..l

    6. Michelle on

      All this gorgeous blue and beyond is Sooooo captain my captain……

    7. Janine Binneman on

      Just saw all the new summer stock for our Chic Mamas charity sale on Sat @ Tokai libary- you’ll die! Lots of awesoeme navy looks at insanely CHEAP prices- Vix- you’ll get at least 5 new outfits

    8. Michelle on

      Hey Suz – you’ve arrived… for your entrance hall! So perfect :-)

    9. Mandy on

      Ooh, I like. Big-time like!

    10. Suz on

      Hilarious … thanks Michelle… Janine you can get my autograph right after I get yours for Vogue UK ; )

    11. Mel Lezar on

      Stunning!!! Stunning!!! Love the navy blue and bandanas!!!! Such an awesome idea!

    12. Kim on

      Vix, you’ve read my mind on the blue walls. Stunning.

    13. Blair Scheepers on

      I just bought the most gorgeous navy dress from Mango. Navy was also the color of my bridesmaid dresses. Now if only I could convince the hubs to let me paint a room navy…. Oh Navy, how I love thee.

    14. Megan on

      Navy rocks! And although I generally go black, it is a gorgeously glamorous alternative. BTW, Essie has a beautifully rich navy called Midnight Cami.
      Lovely pics.

    15. Erna on

      Holy Moly! I just love it!

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